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My mission is to inspire and nurture women, families, and communities by educating and connecting people to healthy, real food. I believe education and encouragement are essential to making a lasting impact on our health and wellness.

  • Wellness is Personal

    Finding what you need

    Wellness is Personal

    The media and diet industry swear by whatever nutrition regimen is currently popular. But let’s be real, they’re usually impractical for long term success. Which pulls you into the next big thing. DIETS DON’T WORK. Figuring out what is right for your body and your health is where long lasting change takes place.
  • Fueling your body through movement and food

    Increase Energy

    Fueling your body through movement and food

    Our bodies were made to move! We get our energy from the foods we eat. The more wholesome the foods, the more energy we tend to have!
  • Meal Planning for Families

    Plan Ahead

    Meal Planning for Families

    Planning ahead can be key when getting started on a new wellness path. Having options on hand for you and your family can take the guess work out of what to eat. Meal Plans can help transition you into the lifestyle you are looking for.

Client Stories

  • “She happily offered suggestions to meet my dietary restrictions and needs without hesitation. Her knowledge of nutrition and passion are evident”

  • “Meg is simply wonderful. Her recipes are delicious, easy to follow, and I know I’m getting a well-rounded meal to help me reach my goals”

  • “I reached out to Sage and Thyme Wellness, LLC for help...I’m so impressed with the plan. First, it’s realistic to who I am and my schedule. Second, the meals are full of foods I LOVE. Third, the recipes are simple and straightforward, and Four (and maybe the coolest) the plan comes with a shopping list! Literally, all I had to do was visit the store, use the list, and then I had everything I needed to make better nutrition choices for myself. I HIGHLY recommend Sage and Thyme Wellness.”

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