Finding Comfort

Finding Comfort

I think we can all use a little comfort, fun, and comedy right now. Life is hard enough without stressing out over losing 10 pounds. Or going on the “isolation diet”. Do you know what I want? I want this. to. go. away. But, that’s not happening yet. So in the mean time, I really just want my kids to behave, thrive, teach themselves, dishes to do themselves, laundry to wash/fold/put away on it’s own, and go read a book. That’s also not happening.

Instead I’m at home (like you), trying to make the best of a hard situation. What do I say to my kids? How do I homeschool my kids? What the hell is Common Core Math and why can’t I carry the 7? How do I manage my own social life AND my kids? What do I do about my fitness? How do I keep my pantry stocked when all my kids want to do is eat all my isolation snacks?

(Of course he learns to walk right now. Turning this week into one of my favorites ever).

These are the questions we are asking ourselves. So why do we need to add weight loss or a diet to the mix? Even though we are staying home, I‘m still exhausted by days end. Because life isn’t stopping. I want to eat foods that comfort me and serve my emotions, because I’m just as stressed today as I was before, but now I’m also scared. I want foods that provide a small comfort and make my family happy, because I can’t deal with one. more. tantrum. I want this because this is the one thing I can control (mostly, depending on what the grocery store looks like after the doomsday preppers have finished scavenging).

Let’s be real for a minute. I am taking great pleasure in not wearing pants with a zipper. I change from pajamas to athletic wear, do my workout virtually with my friends, shower, skip the make-up, and change into my athleisure. Clearly, my husband is finding similar joys in his clothing choice.

This week I’m making all the delicious foods that take me back to childhood or meals that bring happy memories to our family. That’s all that’s allowed this week. Family favorites, meals that the kids love, meals that have meaning. We know from Frozen 2 that water has memory. Well, I believe the same is true for food. Food brings back memories. So we might as well bring up some happy memories with some delicious foods. And if you want to make some happy memories during this isolation, these are some delicious meals to tie them to!

This meal plan includes daily meal plan, recipes, and grocery list:

Social Isolation Meal Plan

And if you need a little help figuring out how to meal plan with going to the grocery store only once a week, here’s my Meal Planning Course:


No matter what, you aren’t alone. We are all in this together!!

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